Advanced Mass Notification Software
for Critical Events

Castatus empowers you to keep your people informed and safe during times of crisis.

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When a crisis starts there isn't enough time to create a mass notification.

Castatus was created to solve this problem.

Castatus Crisis Manager
Castatus First Response
Castatus® is comprised of three integrated components: Castatus Crisis Manager, Castatus First Response, SafeStatus®. Castatus is a powerful and intuitive platform that can help your organization communicate critical information to key stakeholders. Combining the power of Castatus and proper planning for the most likely emergencies will save you critical time when it counts the most.
Are you as prepared as you think?

Most companies have spent time and money planning for different emergencies. All too often we make assumptions that those plans are going to be accessible at the time they are needed.

Castatus can help you communicate your emergency plans when you need them the most. Castatus not only helps you get the word out quickly, but also provides a powerful management system for two-way communications.

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Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are prepared
for when the unexpected happens

Manage critical events by notifying your people with relevant information and receiving real-time status of their safety.

Safety and Monitoring

Provide your organization with streamlined 24/7 access to local emergency services.


Improve operational and business efficiencies using two-way communication across multiple channels.

Castatus® offers a wide spectrum of features to streamline and power your mass notifications.

Take a closer look at our features available, how our solution is different, and how we help you be better prepared for when a crisis occurs.

Castatus Feature Guide

Exceptional Product

At Castatus we design our products to achieve the desired business initiative in the most efficient, intuitive and secure manner possible. We have a relentless commitment to continue innovation and adapt as technology continues to expand and evolve.

Exceptional People

At Castatus we take the needs of our customers very seriously. We know that there are other solutions in the market to select from, and while our technology speaks for itself, we believe that our people make a huge difference.

Exceptional Support

Our customers are not an interruption of our work. They are the purpose of it. We operate with a philosophy that our customer is doing us a favor by allowing us to service them. We can only earn your trust by continually delivering an exceptional service with exceptional support.

Let us show you what Castatus can do for your business.

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