Minimize impact to your business operations using multi-channel communications and providing tools to enhance the safety of your employees.

Use Castatus to create and deliver mass notifications to your staff.

Enterprise Solution

Nothing is more crucial than the safety of your staff, both onsite and remote workers. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our scalable solutions will help safeguard your most valuable asset—your employees. Time is of the essence during emergencies. Our robust platform minimizes downtime, keeping your business resilient and operational during times of crisis.

Communications and Crisis Management

Transform emergency communications while safeguarding staff with Castatus. Initiate critical communications instantly from the office or on the go using any mobile device. Our industry-leading technology also allows for hands-free, voice-activated delivery enhancing response speed. Administrators can efficiently coordinate and manage communications from a unified Inbox, ensuring streamlined operations during crises. Share operational procedures, disaster recovery plans, and other essential documents securely based on role within the organization.

Castatus Enterprise Solution
Communicate with staff and manage crises using any device from anywhere.

Staff Communication and Safety Tools

Because every second counts in an emergency, it is important to provide tools for your staff to quickly communicate back to the organization. Using Castatus, staff can instantly reply to emergency communications they receive with any concerns and share their safety status. In some instances, a large percentage of your staff may be sending the organization messages. The Castatus Inbox helps administrators prioritize incoming messages automatically, ensuring that the most urgent communications are addressed promptly, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.

Empower your entire staff to collaborate during emergencies with centralized updates from your organization and the rest of your staff using a live event feed. The event feed promotes situational awareness and coordinated response efforts by allowing staff in various locations share information that they are observing.


One powerful communication solution to connect your organization at critical times.

All aspects of your business benefit from protecting your staff.

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