Crisis Management

It is not enough to simply push an emergency communication. Effectively manage crises with coordinated, two-way communication before, during and after a crisis.

Castatus gives you the ability to send emergency communications within seconds.

Immediately establish true two-way, coordinated communication to mitigate threats.

Emergency Notifications

Emergencies happen all over the world every single day. Unfortunately, you never know where or when an emergency will take place. Therefore, it is imperative to have an Emergency Notification System that you can depend on.

Our powerful and intuitive platform can help your organization communicate critical information to key stakeholders. Combining the power of Castatus and proper planning for the most likely emergencies will save you critical time when it counts the most.

Emergency Notifications

Identify those in need in real-time

With Castatus a communication can be sent using multiple channels. Employees can respond in real-time with the status of their safety. All responses are categorized within the Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox into Safe, Not Safe, or Unresponsive which quickly highlights those in greatest need.

Additionally, the exact GPS location is instantly known when status is reported using the SafeStatus mobile application.

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Identify those in need in real-time

Centralized Inbox

It is extremely important that your Mass Notification System can not only send communications but provide a management system for two-way communications. When communicating critical events it is common that individuals will have questions, and will naturally want to respond to your messages. Being able to manage who has been responded to and who hasn't and sharing that responsibility with other staff in real-time can make all the difference in getting through the event successfully and with as little impact as possible. At the heart of Castatus is the Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox which provides a truly unique and powerful management system for two-way communications.

Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox

Critical events and emergencies can happen at any time, and many times there can be several different emergencies going on at the same time. That is why we designed the entire Castatus solution to be able to manage multiple events, and quickly navigate between priorities.

Crisis Management


Know who is Safe, Not Safe or who you haven't heard from. View all contacts, or filter by only those that you sent a cast to.


All incoming/outgoing communications are viewable by channel and by contact.


All posts can be edited, deleted or approved by your moderators for real-time inclusion in live event feeds.

Inbox Feature Summary


Seeing who is communicating with a contact or closing out a request are visible to all admins in real-time allowing multiple people to manage the Inbox at the same time.


Incoming messages are automatically prioritized with existing messages allowing the oldest messages to be worked on first.


Messages are automatically colored to provide a visual status so at a glance you know which messages have been responded to versus those that haven't.


Group chat/text allows you to type and send a message to multiple contacts at the same time.


A location of a contact can be viewed on a map individually or with all other contacts.


New messages and actions taken within the Inbox are viewable via a powerful push network that eliminates the need for page refreshes saving valuable time.


Help requests, reported incidents and other messages can be sent any time of the day. For this reason, we designed the Inbox to be visible 24/7 without session timeouts.


Having the latest information during a crisis can be critical to making decisions. Contact records contain last known location and last SafeStatus update.


Admins can enable or disable being notified via text message and mobile push of critical notifications such as new help requests and new incidents.

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