Castatus SafeStatus

SAFESTATUS® is an integral part of CASTATUS® and was designed to provide functionality that can help keep your people safe.

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Castatus SafeStatus

SafeStatus enables you to communicate with your employees during emergencies and other critical events.

Employees can Request Help 24/7

At any time if your employee is faced with an emergency, they can request help using SafeStatus. In addition to a GPS location all help requests can optionally include comments, and a picture or a video to help convey the nature of the request.

Help requests can be performed by selecting the Request Help button, or on any iOS device using the Siri® shortcut integration.

Help requests are instantly sent to the Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox and a real-time notification is sent to your first responders. Additionally, the help request, including the employee's current location, can be sent to emergency contacts setup within SafeStatus. By default, a confirmation to call 911 will immediately connect to local emergency services.

Report Help with SafeStatus
Report an Incident with SafeStatus

Report Incidents

Emergencies or critical situations can occur anytime and from literally anywhere. With SafeStatus, any employee that witnesses an incident can warn others quickly.

As with requesting help, your employee's GPS location will be submitted when reporting an incident along with any optional comments, picture or video.

Like help requests, any reported incident is sent directly to the Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox and notification is sent to your first responders. Notifying emergency contacts and calling 911 are optional.

View and Post to Live Event Feeds

Employees are notified of live events on the SafeStatus home page or by receiving a communication sent with Castatus.

Employees can see how close they are to an event by reviewing the location of the event on their map.

Updates from their organization as well as from all other employees are centrally located in a Live Event Feed. Employees can comment on other posts or submit their own posts for others to view including comments and a picture or video.

Live Event Feed

CASTATUS® offers a wide spectrum of features to streamline and power your mass notifications.

Take a closer look at our features available, how our solution is different, and how we help you be better prepared for when a crisis occurs.

SafeStatus Emergency Contacts

Keep Others Informed

Employees can list up to ten personal emergency contacts that can be notified when requesting help or reporting an incident. Optional pertinent medical information can be provided to assist emergency services personnel in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, an employee can chat with peers or their organization at any time using SafeStatus. Employees can search a company directory or lookup contact information to communicate using other channels.


Once rights have been applied within the Castatus Crisis Manager your company documents are always available within SafeStatus and are just a click away. Documents that apply to an individual because of their role within an organization may be delivered to them within any communication. For example, important procedures that need to be followed for a given emergency can be sent to a manager that is responsible for performing those activities.

Sometimes documents are created as a result of preplanning for critical situations, but if you can't access those documents when needed then the time spent documenting critical information was all for naught. With SafeStatus documentation can be sent directly to those that need it precisely at the time they need it the most.

SafeStatus Documents

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