Castatus Desktop Alerts

Castatus Desktop Alerts enables an additional channel within Crisis Manager allowing you to reach employees on their desktop or laptop where they spend a majority of their time.

Using Desktop Alerts increases the chance of getting time-sensitive information to more of your staff given that employees can silence or turn their phones off while working at their desks.

Castatus Desktop Alerts

Send critical information to your staff on their desktop or laptop
no matter what they are working on at the time.

Capture Employee Attention

Casts sent will appear on top of whatever they are working and will only close when the employee acknowledges the message.


Casts sent with a poll can be answered via Desktop Alerts to gather feedback.

Report SafeStatus

As with other channels, employees can report their SafeStatus using Desktop Alerts.

Increase Your Reach

Reach employees that have their phones silenced or turned off, or have no access to email.

Sound Notification

Choose to send critical messages with the aid of a unique desktop alert sound or notify silently.

Customer Facing Employees

Reach employees in banking, call centers, or other areas that limit the use of mobile phones.


Desktop Alerts can optionally be configured to send a duress signal to others using a silent and discreet combination of hotkeys (i.e, pressing the keys CTRL + SHIFT + H at the same time).

A duress signal can be silently transmitted and received by everyone at the same location, or only select individuals that have been preconfigured. Additionally, if your organization has multiple sites you can configure to trigger a cast to alert others that may be at a different location. For instance, a financial organization could alert select individuals at a branch that there is a robbery in progress while simultaneously alerting people at headquarters.

Castatus Desktop Alerts

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