Visitor Notification

Protect visitors by sending emergency communications while they are onsite at a company facility.

Include people visiting your facilities in your emergency communications.

Have peace of mind that both visitors and staff are being notified.

Help Protect Visitors

Have you ever considered how difficult it may be to protect people that are visiting one of your facilities? How would you communicate important safety information to them when they need it? With the Castatus Visitor Notification feature, when a visitor checks in to one of your facilities, they are automatically enrolled to receive emergency notification. If a critical situation arises, rest assured that visitors are receiving important information at the same time as your staff.

When the visitor checks out of the facility, they are automatically removed from receiving mass notifications. If the visitor forgets to check out, they are automatically removed after a time-out period.

Integrate with Castatus Crisis Manager

Our visitor notification features work seamlessly with Castatus Crisis Manager allowing you to interact with visitors:

  • Send emergency messages alerting visitors that there is a critical situation
  • Optionally send a visitor a confirmation message upon checking in and checking out
  • Automatically push safety instructions based on type of emergency
  • Immediately know the safety status of your visitors
  • Push additional information to visitors specifically intended for those that are not familiar with your facility
  • Establish true two-way communication with visitors to know if they need help

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