Panic Buttons

Request help and make others aware of critical situations using smart phones, hot-keys and wearable devices.

Instill confidence, comfort and a greater sense of security to staff

by offering several easily accessible panic buttons.

SafeStatus Mobile Application

At any time if your employee is faced with an emergency, they can request help by selecting the request help button within SafeStatus. In addition to a GPS location all help requests can optionally include comments, and a picture or a video to help convey the nature of the request.

Help requests are instantly sent to the Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox and a real-time notification is sent to your first responders. Additionally, the help request, including the employee's current location, can be sent to emergency contacts setup within SafeStatus. By default, a confirmation to call 911 will immediately connect to local emergency services.

Some emergencies may not afford the time or opportunity for an individual to pull up an app on their phone, or even make a phone call. Verbally asking for help is one of the most natural reactions when in danger. That is why we designed SafeStatus to be used with Siri® (iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch, Apple CarPlay).

Hey Siri
Hey Siri,
Send Help Now

SafeStatus Smart Badge

SafeStatus Smart Badge


Desktop Alerts can optionally be configured to send a duress signal to others using a silent and discreet combination of hotkeys (i.e, pressing the keys CTRL + SHIFT + H at the same time).

A duress signal can be silently transmitted and received by everyone at the same location, or only select individuals that have been preconfigured. Additionally, if your organization has multiple sites you can trigger a communication to alert others at different locations. For example, a financial organization could alert select individuals at a branch that there is a robbery in progress while simultaneously alerting people at headquarters.

Castatus Desktop Alerts with Hotkeys


SAFESIGNAL provides tools to help safeguard staff in situations that have the potential to escalate quickly where the employee may not have a chance to let others know they are in danger. SAFESIGNAL provides a timer to be set giving an employee a predetermined amount of time to ensure their situation is safe. If an employee encounters an immediate threat, they can issue a request for help that includes their precise location. Additionally, their inaction of not providing an All-Clear before the timer expires will automatically issue the same help request.

Every business faces different security challenges which is why we made the All-Clear functionality configurable to allow staff to select from procedures that relate best to their industry. For example, a financial institution using SAFESIGNAL could select to perform an All-Clear procedure to assist with daily branch opening and closings. A home-healthcare professional could conduct an All-Clear procedure when arriving or leaving a patient's residence.


Stand By Alert

At any time if an employee is concerned with their surroundings, they can initiate a SAFESIGNAL Stand By Alert timer. For example, an employee leaving the office late could set up a Stand By Alert, and if they weren't safely in their car before the timer expired then notifications would be sent out automatically.

Upon timer start, employees can warn others that they are entering a potentially dangerous situation and if the circumstances escalate at any time before the timer ends, they could issue a duress request for help immediately. The precise location of the individual is included in communications to provide further assistance.

Stand By Alert

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