Reporting Incidents

Provide tools for staff to easily communicate potentially dangerous situations to the organization.

Early awareness of potential danger helps protect your staff and the organization.

Castatus provides easy-to-use tools to communicate potential threats.

Communicate Potential Threats

Critical situations can occur anytime and from anywhere. If one of your employees witnesses a suspicious person, an unattended backpack or any other potentially dangerous situation, they can warn others quickly.

Your employee's GPS location will be submitted when reporting an incident along with any optional comments, picture or video. Any reported incident is sent directly to the Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox and notification is sent to your first responders. Notifying emergency contacts and calling 911 are optional.

Report an Incident with SafeStatus

Minimize Legal Concerns

Warning the organization of potentially dangerous situations is not the only benefit. If incidents occur inside one of your facilities such as someone tripping on a rug, it is important that the event is documented and made aware to compliance and legal departments. Using SafeStatus Report Incident functionality, the event can be documented, along with associated pictures or videos.

Minimize Legal Concerns

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