Social Services Workers

Instill confidence and a greater sense of security to staff by providing intuitive tools to help protect and provide timely notification to others if in a critical situation.

Safety Risks

Every day mobile social service professionals are faced with unpredictable environments and threats that can quickly escalate, placing them in immediate danger.

Some of these threats include unsanitary conditions in homes, dangerous pets, firearms in the home, hostile clients or family members, high-crime neighborhoods and motor vehicle accidents while traveling between clients.


Healthcare and social service workers are five times more likely to sustain a workplace violence injury than other professions

76% of Healthcare and social service workers were victims of all nonfatal injuries from workplace

51% of social workers surveyed reported feeling unsafe in their jobs

Staff Safety

Staff Safety

Your staff safety and their well-being are top priorities at Castatus.

At Castatus, we provide an enterprise solution to keeping your people safe and informed during critical events. We provide several ways to address duty of care obligations while helping to mitigate risks, boost employee confidence and improve staff overall safety.

SAFESIGNAL integrates seamlessly within the employee's SAFESTATUS mobile application eliminating the need for multiple apps.

Using SAFESIGNAL an employee can conduct an All-Clear procedure when arriving or leaving a client's residence.

The SAFESIGNAL All-Clear timer can be set giving an employee a predetermined amount of time to ensure their situation is safe. If an employee encounters an immediate threat, they can issue a request for help that includes their precise location. Additionally, their inaction of not providing an All-Clear before the timer expires will automatically issue the same help request.

While performing an All-Clear procedure an employee can view a real-time map indicating sex offender registries within a half-mile radius of their current location. The registry is available in all 50 states ensuring nationwide coverage, and includes home address and relevant information of the offender including picture and identifiable marks when available.

This extra layer of protection ensures your staff are aware of nearby offender safety risks providing them the ability to proactively take steps to mitigate those risks.

Offender Registry

In the event an employee issues a help request or duress signal the SafeSignal application will automatically send a mobile push notification to company administrators along with an SMS text message to all of their personal emergency contacts.

All notifications include the GPS location of the employee along with information on how to join an optional conference call where parties can discuss the situation with others along with any relevant information that should be passed on to emergency personnel should emergency services be needed.

Request Help

Many employers are unaware of just how many potentially dangerous situations their staff are involved in. With SafeSignal, all staff activity is logged and can be viewed in the Report Center. Your organization can gain insight of how many times staff are requesting help and/or setting All-Clear timers.

According to OSHA’s “Guidelines for Preventing workplace violence for Healthcare and Social Service Workers”, companies are encouraged to provide:

Recordkeeping and evaluation of the violence prevention program are necessary to determine its overall effectiveness and identify any deficiencies or changes that should be made. Accurate records of injuries, illnesses, incidents, assaults, hazards, corrective actions, patient histories and training can help employers determine the severity of the problem; identify any developing trends or patterns in particular locations, jobs or departments.

Using the Report Center, companies have a full insight into their staff safety trends, allowing them to be proactive in protecting staff as well as helping to satisfy compliance concerns.

SafeSignal All-Clear Summary

The SafeStatus Smart Badge connects to your mobile phone via bluetooth and doesn't require an application to be open in order to operate. If an employee is in immediate danger they can signal for help with one-touch of the enlarged red panic button that is discreetly located on the back of their smart badge.

Once the button has been pressed a request help is issued and automatically provides others with duress information and the employee's GPS location.

SafeStatus Smart Badge

If someone is trying to cause harm to your employee and notices they are using the All-Clear timer, they may force the employee to cancel the timer, either by aborting the timer or reporting back to the organization that all is clear. In either scenario, your employee can enter a duress code instead of their SafeSignal code and notifications will immediately be sent to your organization as well as their personal emergency contacts. When the duress code is entered the SafeSignal application will display a “friendly” summary with the intention of fooling the attacker.

If your employee is unable to confirm that their situation is all clear and the timer expires, a notification is immediately sent to your organization and their emergency contacts along with the employee’s GPS location. If the employee’s mobile device is rendered unusable (battery runs out, phone is destroyed, etc) the All-Clear timer is still active in the cloud and will trigger notifications when it expires.

Request help

There are times other than entering or leaving a client’s residence that an employee may need assistance. One example is getting in an automobile accident enroute to visit a client.

In addition to a GPS location all help requests can optionally include comments, and a picture or a video to help convey the nature of the request.

Help requests are instantly sent to the Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox and a real-time notification is sent to your first responders. Additionally, the help request, including the employee's current location, can be sent to emergency contacts setup within SafeStatus. By default, a confirmation to call 911 will immediately connect to local emergency services.

Hey Siri
Hey Siri,
Send Help Now

Some emergencies may not afford the time to pull up an app or make a phone call. Verbally asking for help is one of the most natural reactions when an employee is in danger. That is why we designed the SafeSignal mobile application to be used with Siri® (iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch, Apple CarPlay) to initiate Request Help functionality without opening the SafeStatus app.

The Castatus Mass Notification platform is a powerful enterprise application allowing communications to be sent using multiple channels.

Whether you need to communicate with your staff or others it is vital that you are equipped with the tools necessary to communicate and get the word out quickly.

Multi-channel Delivery

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