Castatus Crisis Manager

At the heart of Castatus is our Castatus Crisis Manager that helps you communicate and bring organization during times of crisis.

Every second counts during an emergency. Quickly notify your entire organization with targeted two-way communications and get feedback in seconds to know whether your people are safe or not.

Castatus Crisis Manager

Use Castatus to create and deliver mass notifications to your staff.

Create Mass Notifications

Create both emergency and non-emergency notifications from scratch or from your pre-planned templates. You never know when you will need to send an important notification, or where you will be when you need to send it. With Castatus you don't need to worry since access is always available via desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile device.

Cast Template

Access Anywhere

Access Castatus from anywhere using any smart device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop).

Two-way Messaging

We don't just send out your communication. We improve your overall communications with two-way messaging from multiple channels.


We safeguard your data as though it is our own. We utilize best practices including full encryption at rest and in-transit.


Make use of robust real-time reporting to understand the interaction and status of your people.


Add polls to your communications to understand the safety and needs of your people during times of crisis.


Include operational, disaster recovery or other documents to your communications to only those that need the additional information.

Inbox with SafeStatus

Know who is safe and who is not in real-time

Contacts can advise whether they are Safe or Not Safe from any cast they receive whether it is through the SafeStatus application, voice, SMS, email, etc. Having this information in real-time allows you to prioritize and focus on those that need assistance the most.

Geofence Targeting

Sending a targeted message to those in a particular geographical area can be lifesaving during an emergency. Geofencing allows you to create one or multiple geographical areas on a map to send targeted messages to those within that area.

In addition to filtering by geographical area, you may also filter by poll answers. For example, after employees answer a poll stating what extra resources they have, a targeted message could be sent to those who have extra first aid kits that are currently located in an area where others need assistance.

Geofence Targeting

Centralized Inbox

It is extremely important that your Mass Notification System can not only send communications but provide a management system for two-way communications. When communicating critical events it is common that individuals will have questions, and will naturally want to respond to your messages. Being able to manage who has been responded to and who hasn't and sharing that responsibility with other staff in real-time can make all the difference in getting through the event successfully and with as little impact as possible. At the heart of Castatus is the Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox which provides a truly unique and powerful management system for two-way communications.

Castatus Crisis Manager Inbox

Critical events and emergencies can happen at any time, and many times there can be several different emergencies going on at the same time. That is why we designed the entire Castatus solution to be able to manage multiple events, and quickly navigate between priorities.

Crisis Management


Know who is Safe, Not Safe or who you haven't heard from. View all contacts, or filter by only those that you sent a cast to.


All incoming/outgoing communications are viewable by channel and by contact.


All posts can be edited, deleted or approved by your moderators for real-time inclusion in live event feeds.

Inbox Feature Summary


Seeing who is communicating with a contact or closing out a request are visible to all admins in real-time allowing multiple people to manage the Inbox at the same time.


Incoming messages are automatically prioritized with existing messages allowing the oldest messages to be worked on first.


Messages are automatically colored to provide a visual status so at a glance you know which messages have been responded to versus those that haven't.


Group chat/text allows you to type and send a message to multiple contacts at the same time.


A location of a contact can be viewed on a map individually or with all other contacts.


New messages and actions taken within the Inbox are viewable via a powerful push network that eliminates the need for page refreshes saving valuable time.


Help requests, reported incidents and other messages can be sent any time of the day. For this reason, we designed the Inbox to be visible 24/7 without session timeouts.


Having the latest information during a crisis can be critical to making decisions. Contact records contain last known location and last SafeStatus update.


Admins can enable or disable being notified via text message and mobile push of critical notifications such as new help requests and new incidents.

CASTATUS® offers a wide spectrum of features to streamline and power your mass notifications.

Take a closer look at our features available, how our solution is different, and how we help you be better prepared for when a crisis occurs.

Document Library

Important company documents including disaster recovery, employee procedures or literally any document that may be needed during a crisis can be uploaded to the Document Library within Castatus Crisis Manager.

Once uploaded, viewing rights can be applied to allow everyone to see the document within SafeStatus or only specific individuals based on their role within the organization.

Document Viewing Rights


Add a Poll to any Cast to gather immediate feedback from your targeted audience. Polling can be a game-changer in almost any scenario, whether it is conducting COVID wellness-checks, looking to cover a work shift last minute, or polling to identify who can help with critical resources.

Interactive Poll Results
Polls provide the most value when you are able to use the results to aid in decision making, or you are able to take action based on the information. That is why we made the Castatus polling results ineractive. Quickly know and view the overall response, drill-down to view specific results, view who responded and their GPS location, or even communicate further for additional follow up.
Responsive Design

Our responsive design allows Casts to be sent from the Castatus Crisis Manager using any desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile device.

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