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Protect employees and your business operations with timely communications. Enhance branch and staff safety at times of highest threat.

Enterprise Solution

Financial services companies are at risk for operational failures due to a variety of criminal acts, system outages, severe weather, natural disasters and cybersecurity incidents. Operational failures can be minimized with timely communications and establishing efficient two-way communication when a crisis occurs. Castatus empowers leaders across the organization, from headquarters to branches, to efficiently communicate with staff and quickly mitigate operational threats.

Castatus Enterprise Solution
Communicate with staff and manage crises using any device from anywhere.

Familiar Tools

One common problem with emergency communication platforms is that staff are not as familiar with using the tools as they should be when a crisis occurs. Regular tests of the communication platform can help lessen this risk. Castatus helps to further minimize this problem by incorporating SAFESIGNAL which includes day-to-day branch safety tools in the same powerful mobile app used for emergency communication. When staff need to request help, report an incident, communicate with peers or receive an emergency communication, they are well prepared and have confidence in the technology solutions they are used to using.

SafeStatus and SafeSignal

Push Documents To Staff

Many financial organizations have spent countless hours creating business continuity plans to help protect the organization. Preparation is only part of protecting your organization. When a critical event happens, it is imperative that the procedures you have approved and documented are distributed to the appropriate personnel. Afterall, the best mitigation plans are not effective if they are not accessible. Castatus emergency communications can include mitigation procedures that are specific to the critical event as well as specific to the role of the staff member receiving the communication.

Send Documents

Safeguarding Staff

Your most important asset is your staff.

Much time and effort has been focused on your staff, equipping them to best serve the organization. However, many financial institutions have either not considered emergency communication, or they are rolling the dice by taking a chance on continuing with untimely and unsophisticated, one-way communication platforms. Castatus empowers you to safeguard your staff at the most critical times with comprehensive communication tools, knowing within seconds if staff members are safe or need assistance.

For Banks and Credit Unions:

Protect staff during branch openings and closings.


Desktop Alerts can optionally be configured to send a duress signal to others using a silent and discreet combination of hotkeys (i.e, pressing the keys CTRL + SHIFT + H at the same time).

A duress signal can be silently transmitted and received by everyone at the same branch, or only select individuals that have been preconfigured. Additionally, you can trigger a communication to alert others at headquarters. For example, a silent desktop alert could be displayed for select individuals at a branch that there is a robbery in progress while simultaneously notifying other staff at headquarters.

Castatus Desktop Alerts with Hotkeys

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